The story of the devil bird

The story of the devil bird

How many things do you know about owls? Like other animals with a rich symbolism, the owl does not get rid of a mixture of feelings ranging from deep admiration to real fear. These creatures are generally associated with a high level of esoteric knowledge and well-developed intuition.

The ancient Greeks told stories about this bird. The goddess Athena considered the owl to be the most noble bird. It was thought that a magical interior light gave him the power to see in the dark. Athena’s little owl joined the armies to the war, inspiring the soldiers, If an owl fly over a Greek army before the battle, it is considered a sign of victory.

On the other hand, in Rome the bird has negative connotations. The voice of the owl is a sign of imminent death. It is said that the deaths of Julius Caesar, Augustus, Commodus and so on, were foretold by owls. (source:


Thivanka R. Perera made a short documentary about Forest Eagle Owl of Sri Lankan folklore. His particular sound brought people’s fear, but also the curiosity to learn more about this bird.

The terrifying story

All in all, we do not want to scare you, so MashupZone made a video with some of the nicest and funniest owls. Here, they seem to prove they are just other innocent birds. Are they undercover?

After all, here are some funny owls

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