Signs your cat loves you!

Signs your cat loves you!

Cats say I love you in a million ways.

Have you ever wonderered how cats say I love you? We’ve put together a few signs that show and explain your cat’s bodylanguage when they love you. Some of these may be pretty obvious, others… not so much. Since they can’t speak loud, they find different ways of communicating with you. Don’t miss out!

Your cat greets you at the door or waits for you by the window

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Your cat follows you around

If your cat comes and hangs out with you, oh, taking a shower, well, I’ll just sit down then, way? That’s love. – They just want to be close to you <3

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Your cat blinks at you slowly

That, folks, is the true cat I love you. They’re letting themselves be vulnerable in front of you, which is something that cats, as prey animals, rarely do. The same thing is valid for the time your cat is lying on her back, letting her belly in plain sight. The cat is showing you that they are comfortable with you and trust you enough to let you rub their most vulnerable parts

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Your cat headbutts you

They are simply making your “theirs”.


Your cat kneads you

They are taking you for their mama. Kittens knead when they are eating to stimulate the milk flow. If your cat does this, they totally adore you!

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The main inspiration for this post was this cute drawings video from Signs your cat loves you – Simon’s cat

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